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Workaway with us on our Rescue Farm in West Cork, Ireland.

Calling all animal lovers: We are a family of 5 living in Ballinadee, West Cork, Ireland, on a farm. We have loads of rescue animals including Cows, Sheep, Donkeys, ponies, Goats, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats and alpacas!

We would love people who have some woodwork skills and maybe even construction skills as we are always building different things, including housing for animals and other outdoor projects!

Jobs include feeding animals, cleaning sheds, light DIY projects, we’re always building different things 🙂 we are a lot fun, full of energy and at the weekends we hang out with friends – whether it’s camping or going to different pubs, there’s always something fun going on. Everyone is welcome here at Ballinadee Bus.

You can see more about the work involved, and contact us via Workaway.

“Definitely, the best experience we had in Ireland, it was our first workaway and they treated us like one of their family from the first day! Thomas, Anna, Aiden and Rachel are at all times spreading their good energy and caring so that the workawayers have a beautiful and fun stay. Thomas usually has plans with friends and does not hesitate to join them. Going camping, house parties, long walks on the beach, barbecue nights and much more! If we wanted a quiet and relaxed day, all we had to do was leave the house to see the incredible green hills of Ireland and spend the afternoon with all the farm animals. We already went twice and we will return many more, in addition to being friends, they are a big family for us! They won our hearts forever. ♥”

Manuel & Ignacio

“What can I say other than I had the absolute best time here! Everyday felt like a dream and it was so much better than expected. The family is one that truly cares about every person that walks through their door and treats them as if they are family. They are so much fun to be around and I wish I could’ve stayed longer (I will definitely be back though!). They included me in whatever they were doing and I was able to go to festivals, gigs, pubs, etc. They also encouraged me to travel around and helped me with lifts when they could. They want all of their workaways to have a great time and you can tell through their actions. 1000/10 I would recommend staying with them (and for as long as you can). I’m going to miss them, but it’s not goodbye forever! :)”